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Angel From Hell trailer

This looks legit hilarious. Love these two actresses!

Code Black trailer!!!


I would be crazy-excited for this show even without Raza Jaffrey, BUT IT HAS RAZA JAFFREY SO I AM BEYOND CRAZY-EXCITED FOR THIS SHOW. It looks like it'll be everything I love about medical shows (St. Elsewhere, ER, House?) and nothing that I hate (*cough*Grey's Anatomy*cough*). I just... can't even. Summer will sooooo not pass quickly enough for me.

I love the "You're the doctor they want" line directed at Raza. YES. YES PLEASE. Guh, he's so beautiful. And hugging kids all over the place. What are they trying to do to me?? ... I think it's working.

Emma and Hook vid rec - Young & Beautiful

This vid makes me achy. Genius editing, perfect song, loads of spoilers for OUaT's season 4 finale. It took me a while to get into this pairing, but dangit, I'm sold forever now. The last few moments of this vid... *flaily hands* YES, the answer is yes, he will! *cries*

The image on the vid could be considered spoilery, so the embed is going under the cutCollapse )

MI-5/Spooks vid rec - Give Me Reason

Seasons 4 and 5 of MI-5/Spooks were pretty much the best 2 seasons of any show ever, and this vid demonstrates why. SUCH GREAT CHARACTERS. SO MUCH TEAM. No dialogue in the vid, but SO MUCH BANTER. And and and ADAM AND ZAF KUNG-FU FIGHTING ALL OVER LONDON. *fans self* Those boys could KICK...

I just rewatched season 4, and seriously... absolute height of entertainment right there. I think I know my answer now if I'm ever asked to pick only one DVD boxset to watch for the rest of my life. MI-5/SPOOKS SEASON PHWOAR. Adam, Zaf, Fiona, Jo, Malcolm, Colin, Harry, Ruth, Juliet... why couldn't they have done this show forever?? I'm back to struggling through the wasteland that was season 8 now, which had half the characters and NONE of the personality. *nostalgic sigh* Season 4...

*watches vid again* Ohhhh, my TEAM. *clings* None of you ever ever died...

52 Raza Jaffrey icons

Raza Jaffrey is my happy place. Therefore, I have iconed the heck out of him.

There might be more coming eventually. I haven't even scratched the surface of MI-5/Spooks this time around, and there are none here from Smash. These are oversights that must be remedied. But for now...

2 random
20 Homeland (Aasar Khan)
7 Elementary (Andrew Mittel)
12 Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (Taj)
11 MI-5/Spooks (Zafar Younis)


Click for the prettiesCollapse )

The Words - Christina Perri

This? Is officially The Cutest Music Video In The History Of Ever. And it doesn't hurt that the leading man is Colin O'Donoghue, aka Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time, aka The Cutest Irishman In The History Of Ever.

Wait, what? There's a song playing in this video? What's it about? :P

Please note: This video was filmed in Vancouver because Colin was busy filming OUaT at the time, and there are nods to the show all the way through this. The farmhouse was Zelena's in season 3 (and it's been in SPN and Psych numerous times, among other shows), and Christina's necklace (which we see in a random close-up) is a replica of Hook's. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS VIDEO IS CUTE, DANGIT.

Why isn't there a mood for "melty" on LJ moodthemes??

Letter to The Walking Dead

Dear The Walking Dead,

This will be my first time suffering through your 6-month hiatus. I've watched you enough to know that you love each season to go out with a bang and lots and lots of blood, but I'm begging you... please go easy on me? Please don't kill Michonne or Daryl or Carol or Carl or Judith or Glenn or Maggie. If you HAVE to kill someone else, I will cringe and possibly even cry, but I will understand. Anyone from the above list... I cannot deal right now.

When it comes to Gabriel, however - you have my full and unconditional blessing to tear that dude apart. In fact, please do so. Please. Seriously. Go ahead. I promise I won't complain.

Much love and trepidation,

Yes, I have Irish blood in me

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Have some Irish sung by a beautiful voice...

Need some help

I need some help from someone with knowledge of visual technology. I'm having trouble with my Mockingjay DVD - I sent it back to Amazon thinking it was defective, but the replacement they sent me is the exact same. I've been searching around the internet to see if anyone else has mentioned problems, but no luck.

Taking pictures of a TV screen is a bit pointless, but if you can see from these - when there's any amount of shadow on the screen, the picture goes funky, like colour comes in streaks and patches instead of sharp detail (as on Katniss' face and shirt in the first 2 pics). When something is out of focus, it looks badly pixelated. When there's light, it distorts the image around it in a wobbly halo. What could be causing this? I know it's not my TV, because I've tried it on both my old-fashioned TV and my parents' HD TV and got the same result. All my other DVDs look fine. It's almost like I got a copy of a copy, but I bought it legit from Amazon. Can anyone please enlighten me?

Pics are under the cutCollapse )

DS9: Julian Bashir vid

Finally!! I've found a Julian Bashir vid that does justice to his adorableness!! :D

Take a Picture, by thegiggleloop

*hearts and hearts and hearts for days* That smile does me in every single dang time...


SHIELD's return was AWESOME. Last night I did something I haven't done in a long, long time - I stayed up until the wee hours watching one scene over and over and over and over, and today I seem to be doing the same thing. I just can't get over it... the writing, the acting, the emotion, EVERYTHING about this scene (or two scenes, really) was absolutely perfect.

I am, of course, referring to the scenes between Fitz and Skye.

Ramblings and clips under the cutCollapse )

Um, yeah, and the rest of the ep was awesome, also. :D

Marvel vid, and X-Company

This is one of the rockin'est vids I've ever seen - One Woman Army, Marvel Cinematic Universe MultiFemale.


Speaking of kicking butt... X-COMPANY!!! Is anybody else watching this show?? It is Made Of Awesome and full of so many people I love - Jakes from Endeavour! Justin from Luther! Ed from Flashpoint! The Ghostfacers' dead gay intern from Supernatural! And loads of other people, they're all great too, BUT THOSE ARE MY PEEPS. I can't believe how amazing Jack Laskey (Jakes from Endeavour) is. For one thing, spot-on Canadian accent. For another thing, SPOT-ON EVERYTHING. He's so polar-opposite to his Endeavour character in this that it took me ages to recognize him.

Anyway, it's about a real-life spy camp in Ontario, Canada during WW2 that basically trained all the spies, assassins, saboteurs, and like awesome folks for the Allies. It's a relatively unknown piece of Canadian history that the creators of the show want to shine a light on, and they are doing it awesomely. It's a fun, exciting, nail-biting adventure show with lots of cool WW2 spy stuff and engaging characters and gorgeous scenery and basically all the ingredients that make up an awesome show. Watch iiiiiit! I'm sure it must be online somewhere for those not in Canada, but for those who are in Canada, it's on CBC on Wednesdays.

Here's a trailer -

And the aired-a-million-times ad that hooked me into watching it -


And FOX is talking about maybe possibly bringing back Prison Break and 24 for more mini-series kind of things? THIS!!! THIIIIIIS!!! 24 AND PRISON BREAK COMBINED!!!!!

It needs to happen. I NEED THIS TO HAPPEN.

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